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Perry Removals local town of Royston is now wholly in Hertfordshire but until the 19th century it straddled the border with Cambridgeshire at the intersection of two important roman roads --the east /west Icknield way and the north/south Ermine Street. The junction was marked with a cross and to this day the base stone of the cross, known as the Roysia Cross, sits near the junction of these routes. The population of Royston has trebled to 18,000 in the 40 years up to 2011.  Perry Removals have carried out numerous residential, commercial, and overseas moves both to and from Royston and the surrounding villages. Perry's are also approved contractors for military relocations from Bassingbourn and all other similar MOD camps.

Beneath he crossroads lies Royston Cave, a small artificial opening that is protected as a Grade 1 listed building and a scheuled ancient monument. Its origin is uncertain with credence being given to usage by the Knights Templar and Freemasons. It contains unique medieval wall carvings that are compariable only to other examples in Cechoslavakia and Palestine.





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