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The town of  Dunmow was originally a settlement on the roman road Stane Street. The Domesday Book records that Dunmow had seven manors which included Bigods, Newton Hall, Merks Hall, Minchins and Shingle Hall. The earliest record of a church in the town is in 1045, and in 1197 Geoffrey de Dunmow was rector.


Great Dunmow is now famous for the Flitch Trials. Although originally held in nearby Little Dunmow, the four yearly pageant is now held in Great Dunmow. The trials involve married couples competing to win a 'side of bacon'. By convincing a jury of six local bachelors and six local maidens that they have remained totally suited to each other, without argument, for a year and a day.

The winners parade through the street to the cheering crowd. The next Flitch Trials are in 2020 on Saturday July 11th. The pageant is mentioned in  Chaucer's , The Canterbury Tales.

In 2016 the next phase of housing development behind Woodlands got underway. The owners of land at the former Easton Lodge hope to build a further 9000 homes with supporting infrastructure.


Perry Removals have carried out moves in almost every street and every village surrounding the The Dunmows, including Bardfield Hall, Spains Hall, Finchingfield Museum, Felsted School, and the Easton Lodge area.





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