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Our Green Credentials

 We are currently seeking to achieve the new BS EN standard for environment friendly operations.

Our staff are encouraged to be environmentally aware in their working environment actively seeking to reduce the impact of the company and its working practices on the environment.

Where possible we have replaced plastic packaging with paper products and are introducing further recyclable materials as they become available.

We are investing in re-usable multi trip packaging and natural cloth wrapping to minimize disposal to waste.

We are currently engaged in a fleet replacement program to seek to achieve all low output ‘Euro 6’ emissions (or above) by 2021.  


Day to Day we ensure that:

  • Shredding to BS EN 15713

  • Where possible paper and cardboard material is all re-used

  • All waste paper/cardboard material is recycled to the paper mills

  • All mattress furniture covers are bio-degradable  

  • On-site separation of all waste and delivery to recycling centres for re-use where possible.

  • Optimum on-site computer servicing of all vehicles to monitor exhaust emissions.

  • Dash Cam technology in all vehicles to ensure safe and economic driving

  • Satellite tracking on all vehicle for optimum routing

  • Automatic ON/OFF lighting to conserve electricity

  • Reduction in paper and printer ink usage by emailing and scanning documents

  • Use of electric forklifts to reduce diesel usage and pollution